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I've been reading the literature resource guide, and I've encountered a few things I think are errors.

On page 26, left column, last paragraph, it describes when Chielo took Enzima to the shrine of the Oracle of the Hills and Caves. In its description it says that Okonkwo "follows her from only a 'manly' distance, but Chielo outruns him"
This is false. Okonkwo did not follow Chielo; Ekwefi did. Additionally, Ekwefi was not outrun, she followed and kept pace the whole time and made certain not to get too close.

This is best evidenced by reading from pages 102-112 of Things Fall Apart, but, in absence of that, from page 112 "When Ekwefi had followed the priestess, he had allowed what he regarded as a reasonable and manly interval to pass and then gone with his machete to the shrine, where he thought they might be"

Additionally, on page 27 of the resource guide left column in the paragraph about Obierika, it says "He warns Okonkwo against going on the journey to kill Ikemefuna." This is also false, as Obierika only discusses it with Okonkwo in chapter eight after the killing in chapter seven by saying to Okonkwo "If I were you I would have stayed home"(Things Fall Apart 67).This, however, is after the event and can't be called a warning. The person that actually warns Okonkwo to not go on the journey is Ogbuefi Ezeudu when he says "The boy calls you father. Do not bear a hand in his death"(Things Fall Apart 57).
This would also affect Chielo's description in the right column of page 27, where it says "Although Okonkwo and Ekwefi, Ezinma's mother, chase Chielo, she outruns them" since only Ekwefi ran after her, and was not really outrun.
Good catches!! I'd go ahead and bring them to the attention of Terry McKiernan, USAD curriculum director, whose email is terry@ usad dot org. She'll take a look at it and release a curriculum update. smile.gif
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