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Full Version: Friendswood Invitational 2018 (USAD Medium)
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A total of 18 schools ended up taking the USAD Medium tests at the Friendswood Invitational today. I figured we could have a new thread on the meet and results could be shared by the coaches involved. Lots of good scores at the meet as some of the best teams in the Houston area were competing for medals. Ridge Point improved 100 points from USAD Easy to USAD Medium as we finished 13th of the 18 schools there with a 23,120.0 (we scored 23,017.1 at the meet in Katy last month although I later had a few kids take tests who weren't at the meet and that got us up to the low 24,000 range). We actually won four medals at the prestigious meet (our first medals ever in Friendswood) as our varsity #1, William Shein, had medals in lit/lang, econ, social studies and also was 5th in the all-around with a score of 4420.
Stanley Tree
Dulles- 34,602.9

Sophie (11)- 6,337.1 (2nd)
Jeffrey (12)- 6,062.9
Adarsha (11)- 5,091.4

Sam (12)- 6,177.1 (1st)
Alan (11)- 5,374.3 (4th)
Abirami (12)- 5,371.4 (5th)
Moeez (12)- 5,297.1
Vani (12)- 5,025.7
Dara (12)- 5,008.6
Deep (11)- 4,934.3
Matthew (11)- 4,931.4
Ethan (11)- 4,594.3
Emily (11)- 3,960

Leighton (12)- 5,788.6 (1st)
Logan (11)- 4,862.9 (2nd)
Tejas (12)- 4,845.7 (3rd)
Raven (12)- 4,837.1 (4th)
Rachel (11)- 3,602.9
Ali (11)- 3,554.3
Smit (11)- 3,100

Math- 4,942.9
Music- 5,260
Eco- 4,600
Science- 5,240
Lit- 4,380 (very hard)
Art- 5,420
SoSci- 4,860

Overall results:
1. Dulles 34,602.9
2. Katy Taylor 31,762.8
3. Friendswood 31,222.9
4. Seven Lakes 3,0222.8
5. Clear Lake 27,537.1
6. Morton Ranch 26,371.3
7. Clear Springs 25,962.9
8. Barbers Hill 25,885.8
9. Cinco Ranch 25,277
10. Alvin 25,017.2
11. Clear Creek 24,832.3
12. Pearland 23,788.6 (missing a varsity)
13. Ridge Point 23,120
14. Turner 22,859.9
15. Dickinson 19,891.4
16. Manvel 18,585.7
17. North Shore 13,325.7
18. Pasadena 11,294.2
Honourable Honors
An impressive showing by Dulles. I can't say it's much of a surprise that a team that could score 49k with scholastics acting as honors is doing so well now that it actually has honors. Last year, one team dominated the Texas standings after every level of testing. This year looks to be much more competitive, though it seems like there's significant score inflation since last year. Can't wait to see the individual results from this meet and the results from other medium meets held around the state today.

Keep studying.
Highland Park hosted 12 schools today.

Overall Results:
HP - 31,971.4
Plano East - 30459.9
Rockwall - 29,805.7
JJ Pearce - 29,434.7
Heath - 29,025.7
Plano - 28,888.5
Summit - 28,822.7
Lebanon Trail - 27,474.3
Little Elm - 27,165.8
Wylie East - 26,782.9
Richardson - 5,385.7
John Paul II - 23,037.1
Wow. Great scores Dulles, and impressive jump by Jeffrey (almost 400 points!). I don't think we could have beat that.

Anyone know overall individual standings?
Dulles maintaining scores despite the higher difficulty in tests shows they have really begun studying the subjects they hadn't been doing at Easy. Good stuff. A lot of popcorn all around.
Stanley Tree
We finally covered music. We were so bad at it in class I'm honestly shocked at the team score. We've done a good job of combining that with reviewing for older subjects. Econ still left to cover in depth but we've done some work in it. These kids rock. They've worked their butts off.
Stanley Tree
Placements at least:

1. Taylor
2. Dulles
3. FW
4. FW
5. Taylor

1. Dulles
2. Taylor
3. SL
4. Dulles
5. Dulles

1. Dulles
2. Dulles
3. Dulles
4. Dulles
5. RP
We now have full scores from all three meets! Emily Liu came out as top overall with 6,411.4. The full top individuals are here.
Apparently Sinton HS held a meet last Saturday as well! They posted about it on their website. Does anyone know what tests they used/anything else about the competition?
Stealer of Souls
I'm not panicking wallbash.gif . Just because my V1 scored 85.7 on the math, I'm sure it will be just fine. Right? blink.gif
QUOTE (Stealer of Souls @ Jan 20 2018, 05:18 PM) *
I'm not panicking wallbash.gif . Just because my V1 scored 85.7 on the math, I'm sure it will be just fine. Right? blink.gif

Uhhh... did they misbubble? blink.gif Yikes! From their other Math scores it seems like they're certainly capable of doing better, so maybe they just had a bad day. smile.gif
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