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> 2014 Jakarta Round | April 12-13
post Apr 23 2014, 08:07 PM
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So, so much fun! And some seriously competitive teams to come out of this mix.


As always, results at www.scholarscup.org/results.
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post Apr 23 2014, 11:01 PM
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From Sabrina Hortono, Senior Division Champion Team, National High Jakarta School:

Logic, trivia and lexicons, all in one event; the World Scholar’s Cup was truly a unique experience for me. I have finally found my ‘ideal learning platform’ – one which does not motivate learning through grades, but rather, for the joy of acquiring the knowledge itself. In more ways than one, joining WSC truly broadened my scope on the world.

I really love the concept of hosting a tournament in which it promotes a ‘holistic individual’, where the objectives of the tournament are not limited to just one aspect. WSC brings out every child’s inner potential by encouraging us to explore a variety of different topics, and at the same time, provides many different platforms to allow each child to ‘shine’ in their own way – be it in writing (through the Collaborative Writing), public speaking and the art of persuasion (through the Team Debate), burst out with knowledge (through the Scholar’s Challenge/ Scholar’s Bowl; #GeeksFTW!), or even showcase their ‘hidden talent’ (during the Talent Show).

Upon the closing ceremony at the Jakarta Round, I am reminded once more of Indonesia’s national motto: Bhinekka Tunggal Ika – Unity in Diversity. Despite our differences – be it our race, culture or skin colour – learning becomes our universal language here at the World Scholar's Cup. To be able to interact with scholars – ‘birds of the same feather’ as myself – from all over the world, in both the academic as well as the social domain, is truly an experience I am looking forward to.

So Scholars out there, see you at Globals! Until then, Pwaa On!

Sincerest pwaas,

Sabrina H

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post Apr 23 2014, 11:09 PM
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And of course, from Audrey Simandjaja, from the same team:

PWAA to all my fellow scholars around the world!

My name is Audrey, and I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. This year was my first time participating in the World Scholar’s Cup (I sincerely wish I had joined earlier) and it was truly an unforgettable one. I would like to share my experience to all those other students who have no idea what they’re missing out on and give them a chance to begin early and get into the Alpaca Spirit (:

First, I will give some background about the World Scholar’s Cup itself. The World Scholar's Cup is ultimately the ONLY competition that has a more relaxed and fun atmosphere instead of a tense and serious one. This makes it so much more enjoyable for the participants! Throughout the competition, we were strongly encouraged to socialize with other students outside of our social circles. I made so many new friends from 17 different schools and ages ranging from 11-17. The entire competition consists of 4 components: Collaborative Writing, Scholar’s Challenge, Team Debate, and the Scholar’s Bowl. I will be further discussing the details of each component later on. This shows how the World Scholar’s Cup encourages students to be more well rounded instead of focusing on one single aspect.

The competition began with the Collaborative Writing, which is basically a writing competition with a few twists. To add on to WSC’s list of distinguishing features as a competition, unlike typical writing competitions, there is NO WORD LIMIT. NO MINIMUM OR MAXIMUM number of words. In other words, it’s heaven for all those young writers whose ideas are often restricted by a word limit. But that’s not all! The next best thing is that (this is where ‘collaborative’ comes in) YOU GET TO WORK WITH YOUR TEAMMATES! Well partially at least, since they will only help with the rough draft and brainstorming as well as the final editing.

Next is the Scholar’s Challenge, the exam portion of the competition. The Challenge will consist of 120 multiple choice questions, and Scholar’s will be given an hour to complete it. BUT (there’s always a but tongue.gif),this is not just another MCQ Paper. Fortunately, instead of covering the ordinary Math, Science, History, Arts and English, the topics will be less common and will be related to the theme of that year. In my case, we covered the Science of Decision Making, the History of Espionage, the Art of Selfies/Self Portraits and Literature pieces like the Life of Pi and many more. This component allows scholars to extend their knowledge beyond their textbooks, beyond the curriculum, and to more interesting facts they may be more interested in.

Third is the Team Debate, usually a favorite among Scholars. Unlike the other teams, due to an uneven number of teams, my team had to sit out the first round. So we decided to spend that spare time to watch a friend's (Adrian’s) team from another school (PSB). We entered the room to find that the team's opponent had not yet arrived. My team member, Kenneth, left to watch another debate since he was not acquainted with Adrian, a friend of Sabrina and I. After 15 minutes of waiting while the organizers searched, Nathan implied that if the team is not found within the next 5 minutes, we would have to replace them. Our hearts thumped harder and faster against our chests. Sabrina had once gone up against Adrian in a public speaking contest. It didn't exactly end well for her. We messaged Kenneth and instructed him to standby in the bathroom. In the end, we had no choice but to go against Adrian's team. It was a fun and friendly debate that ended with us exchanging social media usernames after catching up with each other’s lives.

Our next debate was against a strong boys team from another school (MISJ). Most would call them the 'Dream Team'. The motion was that strong walls make strong societies. They were affirmative and us negative. We spent the 15 minutes of preparation time setting up an argument about the figurative meaning of the motion (invisible barriers and modern societies). Aside from being the perfect team, they were probably granted psychic powers too. When their first speaker, Lorenzo, came up and defined the motion as the literal definition (strong brick or concrete walls and past civilizations), you guessed it, we were doomed. We had no other option but to challenge their definition. After Sabrina (my team's first speaker) finished, their second speaker came up. His entire speech was practically flawless at the beginning. But towards the end, he ended his speech with a “therefore this motion must fall” instead of a “therefore this motion must stand.” I could totally relate since it just happened to me about a week ago. The debate ended well as we crossed the house to shake hands.

Our “luck” didn’t end there. The next debate was against yet another ‘Dream Team’, a girl’s team to be exact. The motion for our final debate was that scientists should develop a love potion. Awesome, huh?! And better yet, we were affirmative, so we get to define “love potion” as whatever we want. Our version of the love potion was a drink that would bring out ‘constipated’ emotions of love. This meant that if the user had not even a bit of feelings for the significant other, the potion will be ineffective. This potion will also have no side effects on the consumer. This motion was really fun since in all of our speeches, we attempted to touch the hearts of the audience, telling them how they would no longer have to face rejection, how this could prevent divorce, etc. How did it end? Well let’s just say that they crushed our arguments, although we did take pride in at least winning the hearts of our audience.

After the team debate, we had the junior debate showcase, followed by a stampede of flying alpacas, definitely not something you’d see daily.

Day 2 was rather shorter than the first. We were left with the last component: the Scholar’s Bowl. The Bowl is more or less like a Quiz Bowl version of the Challenge wherein you can work together with your teammates. Next up was the talent show, definitely one of the Cup’s main attractions. We then ended with the awarding ceremony.

Overall, this year’s experience has been a fun and memorable one, but I am 100% sure that the Globals will be ten times better. Looking forward to seeing all of you there! PWAA!!!

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